Yako Chan 29 years

Yako Chan is 29 years old

Xzibit 43 years

Xzibit is 43 years old

Xuxa 54 years

Xuxa is 54 years old

Ximena Sariñana 32 years

Ximena Sariñana is 32 years old

Xie Na 37 years

Xie Na is 37 years old

Xiao Man 28 years

Xiao Man is 28 years old

Xian Lim 28 years

Xian Lim is 28 years old

X Brands 90 years

X Brands is 72 years old

Wu Yingyin 96 years

Wu Yingyin is 87 years old

Wu Chun 38 years

Wu Chun is 38 years old

Wotan Wilke Möhring 50 years

Wotan Wilke Möhring is 50 years old

Worarat Suwannarat 41 years

Worarat Suwannarat is 41 years old

Woody Woodbury 93 years

Woody Woodbury is 93 years old

Wonderful Smith 106 years

Wonderful Smith is 97 years old

Wolke Hegenbarth 37 years

Wolke Hegenbarth is 37 years old

Wolfgang Grönebaum 90 years

Wolfgang Grönebaum is 71 years old

Wojciech Siemion 89 years

Wojciech Siemion is 81 years old

Władysław Hańcza 112 years

Władysław Hańcza is 72 years old

Wiz Khalifa 30 years

Wiz Khalifa is 24 years old

Winston and Weston Doty 104 years

Winston and Weston Doty is 20 years old

Winifred Bryson 125 years

Winifred Bryson is 94 years old

Wini Shaw 110 years

Wini Shaw is 75 years old

Winfried Glatzeder 72 years

Winfried Glatzeder is 72 years old

Willy Fritsch 116 years

Willy Fritsch is 72 years old

Willy Birgel 126 years

Willy Birgel is 82 years old

Willie Weeks 71 years

Willie Weeks is 71 years old

Willie Fung 121 years

Willie Fung is 49 years old

Willie Best 101 years

Willie Best is 45 years old

William Worthington (actor) 145 years

William Worthington (actor) is 69 years old

William Warren (actor) 206 years

William Warren (actor) is 76 years old