Beauty queen

Stephanie Zammit 33 years

Stephanie Zammit is 33 years old

Stephanie Williams (Miss District of Columbia) 31 years

Stephanie Williams (Miss District of Columbia) is 31 years old

Stephanie Willemse 29 years

Stephanie Willemse is 29 years old

Stephanie Murray Smith 31 years

Stephanie Murray Smith is 31 years old

Stefanie Gossweiler 30 years

Stefanie Gossweiler is 30 years old

Stefanía Fernández 28 years

Stefanía Fernández is 28 years old

Stacy Offenberger 38 years

Stacy Offenberger is 38 years old

Sophie Vouzelaud 31 years

Sophie Vouzelaud is 31 years old

Sophie Thalmann 42 years

Sophie Thalmann is 42 years old

Soo Wincci 33 years

Soo Wincci is 33 years old

Sonia Rolland 37 years

Sonia Rolland is 37 years old

Sonal Chauhan 33 years

Sonal Chauhan is 33 years old

Sofia Rudieva 27 years

Sofia Rudieva is 27 years old

Sobhita Dhulipala 26 years

Sobhita Dhulipala is 26 years old

Sinéad Noonan 31 years

Sinéad Noonan is 31 years old

Silvana Santaella 35 years

Silvana Santaella is 35 years old

Shriya Kishore 32 years

Shriya Kishore is 32 years old

Shelley Hennig 31 years

Shelley Hennig is 31 years old

Shauntay Hinton 39 years

Shauntay Hinton is 39 years old

Shandi Finnessey 40 years

Shandi Finnessey is 40 years old

Shamcey Supsup 32 years

Shamcey Supsup is 32 years old

Scharllette Allen Moses 27 years

Scharllette Allen Moses is 27 years old

Sara Ghulam 29 years

Sara Ghulam is 29 years old

Sara Brooks 30 years

Sara Brooks is 30 years old

Sandra Hernández 33 years

Sandra Hernández is 33 years old

Sandra Angelia 32 years

Sandra Angelia is 32 years old

Samantha Casey 30 years

Samantha Casey is 30 years old

Sahar Biniaz 32 years

Sahar Biniaz is 32 years old

Sabrina Houssami 32 years

Sabrina Houssami is 32 years old

Ruxandra Popa 31 years

Ruxandra Popa is 31 years old