Tom Bergeron 63 years

Tom Bergeron is 63 years old

Todd Glass 54 years

Todd Glass is 54 years old

Todd Barry 54 years

Todd Barry is 54 years old

Tim Young (comedian) 38 years

Tim Young (comedian) is 38 years old

Tim Vine 51 years

Tim Vine is 51 years old

Tim Minchin 43 years

Tim Minchin is 43 years old

Tim Key 42 years

Tim Key is 42 years old

Tim Brooke-Taylor 78 years

Tim Brooke-Taylor is 78 years old

Tim Allen 65 years

Tim Allen is 65 years old

Tiger Lim 44 years

Tiger Lim is 44 years old

Tig Notaro 47 years

Tig Notaro is 47 years old

The Bedroom Philosopher 38 years

The Bedroom Philosopher is 38 years old

The Amazing Johnathan 60 years

The Amazing Johnathan is 60 years old

Terry Fator 53 years

Terry Fator is 53 years old

Tahir Mamedov 37 years

Tahir Mamedov is 37 years old

Susie Porter 47 years

Susie Porter is 47 years old

Susie Essman 63 years

Susie Essman is 63 years old

Sue Perkins 49 years

Sue Perkins is 49 years old

Streeter Seidell 36 years

Streeter Seidell is 36 years old

Steven Wright 63 years

Steven Wright is 63 years old

Steve Punt 56 years

Steve Punt is 56 years old

Steve Martin 73 years

Steve Martin is 73 years old

Steve Harvey 61 years

Steve Harvey is 61 years old

Stermann & Grissemann 53 years

Stermann & Grissemann is 53 years old

Stephen Lynch (musician) 47 years

Stephen Lynch (musician) is 47 years old

Stephen K. Amos 51 years

Stephen K. Amos is 51 years old

Stephen Colbert 54 years

Stephen Colbert is 54 years old

Stephanie Miller 57 years

Stephanie Miller is 57 years old

Stan Boardman 78 years

Stan Boardman is 78 years old

Spoken Reasons 29 years

Spoken Reasons is 29 years old