Margaret Cho 50 years

Margaret Cho is 50 years old

Marcus Brigstocke 46 years

Marcus Brigstocke is 46 years old

Marco Luque 45 years

Marco Luque is 45 years old

Mani Liaqat 35 years

Mani Liaqat is 35 years old

Malena Pichot 37 years

Malena Pichot is 37 years old

Malcolm Hardee 69 years

Malcolm Hardee is 55 years old

Magnus Betnér 45 years

Magnus Betnér is 45 years old

Maff Brown 44 years

Maff Brown is 44 years old

Louis C.K. 51 years

Louis C.K. is 51 years old

Lorne Michaels 74 years

Lorne Michaels is 74 years old

Loni Love 48 years

Loni Love is 48 years old

Lisa Lampanelli 58 years

Lisa Lampanelli is 58 years old

Lina Zahr Eddine 44 years

Lina Zahr Eddine is 44 years old

Limmy 44 years

Limmy is 44 years old

Lily Tomlin 79 years

Lily Tomlin is 79 years old

Lewis Black 70 years

Lewis Black is 70 years old

Lee Soo-geun 44 years

Lee Soo-geun is 44 years old

Lee Kyung-kyu 59 years

Lee Kyung-kyu is 59 years old

Lee Evans (comedian) 55 years

Lee Evans (comedian) is 55 years old

Lee Camp (comedian) 39 years

Lee Camp (comedian) is 39 years old

Lavell Crawford 50 years

Lavell Crawford is 50 years old

Lasse Eriksson 70 years

Lasse Eriksson is 61 years old

Larry the Cable Guy 56 years

Larry the Cable Guy is 56 years old

Larry David 72 years

Larry David is 72 years old

Kyle Kinane 42 years

Kyle Kinane is 42 years old

Kuba Wojewódzki 56 years

Kuba Wojewódzki is 56 years old

Kristen Schaal 41 years

Kristen Schaal is 41 years old

Kim Gura 48 years

Kim Gura is 48 years old

Kieran Sells 35 years

Kieran Sells is 35 years old

Kevin Pollak 61 years

Kevin Pollak is 61 years old