Tomasi Kulimoetoke II 101 years

Tomasi Kulimoetoke II is 88 years old

Tomáš Žižka 39 years

Tomáš Žižka is 39 years old

Tolui 827 years

Tolui is 40 years old

Toirdelbach Ua Briain 1010 years

Toirdelbach Ua Briain is 77 years old

Titus 1980 years

Titus is 42 years old

Titu Cusi 490 years

Titu Cusi is 42 years old

Tiridates III of Armenia 1733 years

Tiridates III of Armenia is 44 years old

Tiridates I of Armenia 2018 years

Tiridates I of Armenia is 0 years old

Tipu Sultan 268 years

Tipu Sultan is 48 years old

Tinomana Mereana Ariki 171 years

Tinomana Mereana Ariki is 60 years old

Timur 683 years

Timur is 68 years old

Timur Shah Durrani 271 years

Timur Shah Durrani is 45 years old

Tim Jackman 37 years

Tim Jackman is 37 years old

Tim Gleason 36 years

Tim Gleason is 36 years old

Tiberius (son of Justinian II) 1314 years

Tiberius (son of Justinian II) is 6 years old

Tiberius II Constantine 1479 years

Tiberius II Constantine is 42 years old

Tianqi Emperor 413 years

Tianqi Emperor is 21 years old

Thomas Palaiologos 610 years

Thomas Palaiologos is 56 years old

Thomas Hickey (ice hockey) 30 years

Thomas Hickey (ice hockey) is 30 years old

Thihathu of Ava 625 years

Thihathu of Ava is 30 years old

Thibaw Min 160 years

Thibaw Min is 57 years old

Theophylact (son of Michael I) 1226 years

Theophylact (son of Michael I) is 56 years old

Theophilos (emperor) 1206 years

Theophilos (emperor) is 29 years old

Theodosius II 1618 years

Theodosius II is 49 years old

Theodosius I 1672 years

Theodosius I is 48 years old

Theodore of Corsica 324 years

Theodore of Corsica is 62 years old

Theodore Mangaphas 831 years

Theodore Mangaphas is 17 years old

Theodore I Laskaris 845 years

Theodore I Laskaris is 48 years old

Theodor Duesterberg 143 years

Theodor Duesterberg is 75 years old

Theoderic the Great 1565 years

Theoderic the Great is 72 years old