Tharrawaddy Min 230 years

Tharrawaddy Min is 59 years old

Thado Minsaw 255 years

Thado Minsaw is 45 years old

Tewfik Pasha 165 years

Tewfik Pasha is 39 years old

Teuruarii IV 139 years

Teuruarii IV is 54 years old

Terry Sawchuk 88 years

Terry Sawchuk is 40 years old

Teddy Purcell 32 years

Teddy Purcell is 32 years old

Tarabya of Ava 649 years

Tarabya of Ava is 31 years old

Tarabai 343 years

Tarabai is 86 years old

Tapa Tchermoeff 136 years

Tapa Tchermoeff is 55 years old

Tamatoa VI 165 years

Tamatoa VI is 52 years old

Taksony of Hungary 1087 years

Taksony of Hungary is 39 years old

Taksin 283 years

Taksin is 47 years old

Taichang Emperor 435 years

Taichang Emperor is 38 years old

Tahmasp II 314 years

Tahmasp II is 36 years old

Tahmasp I 503 years

Tahmasp I is 62 years old

Taejong of Joseon 650 years

Taejong of Joseon is 54 years old

Taejo of Joseon 682 years

Taejo of Joseon is 72 years old

Taejo of Goryeo 1140 years

Taejo of Goryeo is 66 years old

Tadamichi Kuribayashi 127 years

Tadamichi Kuribayashi is 54 years old

Tabinshwehti 501 years

Tabinshwehti is 34 years old

Syagrius 1588 years

Syagrius is 57 years old

Sweyn Forkbeard 1058 years

Sweyn Forkbeard is 54 years old

Swathi Thirunal Rama Varma 204 years

Swathi Thirunal Rama Varma is 33 years old

Sviatoslav II of Kiev 991 years

Sviatoslav II of Kiev is 49 years old

Sviatoslav I of Kiev 1076 years

Sviatoslav I of Kiev is 30 years old

Sviatopolk II of Kiev 967 years

Sviatopolk II of Kiev is 62 years old

Sviatopolk I of Kiev 1038 years

Sviatopolk I of Kiev is 39 years old

Svante Nilsson (regent of Sweden) 558 years

Svante Nilsson (regent of Sweden) is 52 years old

Susenyos I 446 years

Susenyos I is 60 years old

Surendra of Nepal 0 years

Surendra of Nepal is 52 years old