Richard Seeley 39 years

Richard Seeley is 39 years old

Richard Plantagenet (Richard of Eastwell) 0 years

Richard Plantagenet (Richard of Eastwell) is 81 years old

Richard Petiot 36 years

Richard Petiot is 36 years old

Richard Clune 31 years

Richard Clune is 31 years old

Rhys ap Gruffydd 886 years

Rhys ap Gruffydd is 65 years old

Reza Pahlavi 58 years

Reza Pahlavi is 58 years old

René of Anjou 609 years

René of Anjou is 71 years old

Reinhold Wulle 136 years

Reinhold Wulle is 67 years old

Reg Withers 94 years

Reg Withers is 94 years old

Reccared I 1459 years

Reccared I is 42 years old

Razadarit 650 years

Razadarit is 650 years old

Ray Willsey 90 years

Ray Willsey is 85 years old

Rasoherina 204 years

Rasoherina is 54 years old

Ranjit Singh 238 years

Ranjit Singh is 58 years old

Rani Lakshmibai 190 years

Rani Lakshmibai is 29 years old

Rangsit Prayurasakdi 133 years

Rangsit Prayurasakdi is 65 years old

Ranavalona III 157 years

Ranavalona III is 55 years old

Ranavalona II 189 years

Ranavalona II is 54 years old

Ranavalona I 236 years

Ranavalona I is 79 years old

Rana Bahadur Shah 243 years

Rana Bahadur Shah is 31 years old

Ramiro II of León 1118 years

Ramiro II of León is 51 years old

Ramiro II of Aragon 948 years

Ramiro II of Aragon is 87 years old

Ramiro I of Aragon 0 years

Ramiro I of Aragon is 56 years old

Ramachandra Tondaiman 189 years

Ramachandra Tondaiman is 56 years old

Rajendra of Nepal 0 years

Rajendra of Nepal is 68 years old

Rajasinha I of Sitawaka 474 years

Rajasinha I of Sitawaka is 49 years old

Rajasinghe II of Kandy 410 years

Rajasinghe II of Kandy is 79 years old

Rajah Sulayman 0 years

Rajah Sulayman is 17 years old

Raja Petra Kamarudin 68 years

Raja Petra Kamarudin is 68 years old

Raghib Pasha 199 years

Raghib Pasha is 65 years old