Roderick Watson 76 years

Roderick Watson is 76 years old

Wilfred Rowland Childe 129 years

Wilfred Rowland Childe is 62 years old

Paul Robinson (poet) 41 years

Paul Robinson (poet) is 41 years old

John Leslie Barford 133 years

John Leslie Barford is 51 years old

Mercer Simpson 93 years

Mercer Simpson is 81 years old

Isabella Fyvie Mayo 175 years

Isabella Fyvie Mayo is 70 years old

George Messo 49 years

George Messo is 49 years old

Jane Williams (Ysgafell) 213 years

Jane Williams (Ysgafell) is 79 years old

Thomas Noel (poet) 219 years

Thomas Noel (poet) is 62 years old

Jenny Joseph 86 years

Jenny Joseph is 86 years old

Sophie Robinson 34 years

Sophie Robinson is 34 years old

John Walters (priest and poet) 258 years

John Walters (priest and poet) is 29 years old

Olivia Cole (poet) 38 years

Olivia Cole (poet) is 38 years old

Robin Fulton 81 years

Robin Fulton is 81 years old

Charles Best (poet) 449 years

Charles Best (poet) is 57 years old

Paul Henry (poet) 60 years

Paul Henry (poet) is 60 years old

John Hughes (poet) 342 years

John Hughes (poet) is 43 years old

Matthias Barr 188 years

Matthias Barr is 188 years old

David Thomas (Dewi Hefin) 190 years

David Thomas (Dewi Hefin) is 80 years old

James Logie Robertson 173 years

James Logie Robertson is 76 years old

Thomas Kibble Hervey 220 years

Thomas Kibble Hervey is 60 years old

Walter Harte 310 years

Walter Harte is 65 years old

Simwnt Fychan 0 years

Simwnt Fychan is 76 years old

Robert Hetrick 250 years

Robert Hetrick is 80 years old

A. Y. Campbell 134 years

A. Y. Campbell is 73 years old

Frederick Victor Branford 125 years

Frederick Victor Branford is 47 years old

Mary Chandler 332 years

Mary Chandler is 58 years old

Martha Llwyd 253 years

Martha Llwyd is 79 years old

Sidney Patrick Shelley 139 years

Sidney Patrick Shelley is 84 years old

Anna Laetitia Waring 196 years

Anna Laetitia Waring is 87 years old