David Gray (poet) 180 years

David Gray (poet) is 23 years old

Wilfred Rowland Childe 128 years

Wilfred Rowland Childe is 62 years old

Walter Lyon 131 years

Walter Lyon is 28 years old

Thomas Moss (minister) 278 years

Thomas Moss (minister) is 68 years old

Alan Halsey 69 years

Alan Halsey is 69 years old

James Logie Robertson 172 years

James Logie Robertson is 76 years old

Iorwerth Peate 117 years

Iorwerth Peate is 81 years old

Arthur fforde 118 years

Arthur fforde is 84 years old

John Walters (priest and poet) 258 years

John Walters (priest and poet) is 29 years old

Simwnt Fychan 0 years

Simwnt Fychan is 76 years old

Matthew Le Geyt 241 years

Matthew Le Geyt is 72 years old

Geoffrey Dearmer 125 years

Geoffrey Dearmer is 103 years old

David Richards (Dafydd Ionawr) 267 years

David Richards (Dafydd Ionawr) is 76 years old

David Davis (Castellhywel) 273 years

David Davis (Castellhywel) is 82 years old

Charles Best (poet) 448 years

Charles Best (poet) is 57 years old

W. J. Gruffydd (Elerydd) 102 years

W. J. Gruffydd (Elerydd) is 95 years old

Thomas Francis Dillon Croker 187 years

Thomas Francis Dillon Croker is 81 years old

Peter Whigham 93 years

Peter Whigham is 62 years old

Martha Llwyd 252 years

Martha Llwyd is 79 years old

Joyce Mansour 90 years

Joyce Mansour is 58 years old

Sidney Patrick Shelley 138 years

Sidney Patrick Shelley is 84 years old

Mary Alcock 276 years

Mary Alcock is 56 years old

Frederick Tennyson 211 years

Frederick Tennyson is 90 years old

Fabian S. Woodley 130 years

Fabian S. Woodley is 69 years old

A. Y. Campbell 133 years

A. Y. Campbell is 73 years old

Viola Garvin 120 years

Viola Garvin is 71 years old

P. J. Kavanagh 87 years

P. J. Kavanagh is 87 years old

Maria Abdy 221 years

Maria Abdy is 70 years old