Dan Glass 59 years

Dan Glass is 59 years old

Gonzalo Aguirre 78 years

Gonzalo Aguirre is 78 years old

Luigi R. Einaudi 82 years

Luigi R. Einaudi is 82 years old

Eliphalet Pearson 265 years

Eliphalet Pearson is 74 years old

Amarinder Singh 76 years

Amarinder Singh is 76 years old

Tôn Đức Thắng 129 years

Tôn Đức Thắng is 91 years old

Tommaso Ghirardi 42 years

Tommaso Ghirardi is 42 years old

Ian Ridley 84 years

Ian Ridley is 74 years old

Frederick M. Lawrence 63 years

Frederick M. Lawrence is 63 years old

Fambaré Ouattara Natchaba 73 years

Fambaré Ouattara Natchaba is 73 years old

Carlos Freile Larrea 142 years

Carlos Freile Larrea is 66 years old

Timothy W. Tong 0 years

Timothy W. Tong is 65 years old

Joseph Saidu Momoh 81 years

Joseph Saidu Momoh is 66 years old

E. Bruce Heilman 89 years

E. Bruce Heilman is 89 years old

Manuel María Borrero 134 years

Manuel María Borrero is 92 years old

Ali Masimov 65 years

Ali Masimov is 65 years old

César Charlone (politician) 123 years

César Charlone (politician) is 78 years old

Roberto Sacasa 178 years

Roberto Sacasa is 56 years old

Pál Losonczi 98 years

Pál Losonczi is 85 years old

Junius F. Wells 163 years

Junius F. Wells is 75 years old

Howard Wesley Johnson 95 years

Howard Wesley Johnson is 87 years old

Frank Hereford (University of Virginia) 94 years

Frank Hereford (University of Virginia) is 81 years old

John Griffiths (Liberal politician) 84 years

John Griffiths (Liberal politician) is 84 years old

Jamie Muir (politician) 77 years

Jamie Muir (politician) is 77 years old

Lawrence B. Lindsey 63 years

Lawrence B. Lindsey is 63 years old

Ali Saibou 78 years

Ali Saibou is 71 years old

Daniel Jacobus Erasmus 188 years

Daniel Jacobus Erasmus is 83 years old

Arthur H. Vandenberg Jr. 110 years

Arthur H. Vandenberg Jr. is 60 years old

José Joaquín Rodríguez Zeledón 181 years

José Joaquín Rodríguez Zeledón is 80 years old

Yi Dong-nyeong 149 years

Yi Dong-nyeong is 71 years old