Today's Birthdays March 22


Takasue's Daughter 1010 years

Today, Takasue's Daughter is 1010 years old

Al-Mu'izz ibn Badis 1010 years

Today, Al-Mu'izz ibn Badis is 1010 years old

Anund Jacob 1009 years

Today, Anund Jacob is 1009 years old

Anselm of Liège 0 years

Today, Anselm of Liège is 0 years old

Henry I of France 1009 years

Today, Henry I of France is 1009 years old

Di Qing 1010 years

Today, Di Qing is 1010 years old

Wulfstan (died 1095) 1010 years

Today, Wulfstan (died 1095) is 1010 years old

Gothelo II of Lower Lorraine 0 years

Today, Gothelo II of Lower Lorraine is 0 years old

Emperor Go-Ichijō 1009 years

Today, Emperor Go-Ichijō is 1009 years old