Today's Birthdays January 16


Abe no Munetō 986 years

Today, Abe no Munetō is 986 years old

Cheng Hao 986 years

Today, Cheng Hao is 986 years old

Hugh de Grandmesnil 986 years

Today, Hugh de Grandmesnil is 986 years old

Touzi Yiqing 986 years

Today, Touzi Yiqing is 986 years old

Ermengol III Count of Urgell 986 years

Today, Ermengol III Count of Urgell is 986 years old

Empress Gao (Song dynasty) 986 years

Today, Empress Gao (Song dynasty) is 986 years old

Emperor Yingzong of Song 985 years

Today, Emperor Yingzong of Song is 985 years old

Emperor Go-Sanjō 985 years

Today, Emperor Go-Sanjō is 985 years old