Today's Birthdays March 23


Canute IV of Denmark 0 years

Today, Canute IV of Denmark is 0 years old

Sancho Ramírez 977 years

Today, Sancho Ramírez is 977 years old

Bolesław II the Generous 977 years

Today, Bolesław II the Generous is 977 years old

Pope Urban II 0 years

Today, Pope Urban II is 0 years old

Johannes of Jerusalem 0 years

Today, Johannes of Jerusalem is 0 years old

Somesvara I 977 years

Today, Somesvara I is 977 years old

Fujiwara no Morozane 977 years

Today, Fujiwara no Morozane is 977 years old

Louis the Springer 977 years

Today, Louis the Springer is 977 years old