Today's Birthdays April 22


Ibn Hamdis 964 years

Today, Ibn Hamdis is 964 years old

Bernold of Constance 0 years

Today, Bernold of Constance is 0 years old

Sukjong of Goryeo 0 years

Today, Sukjong of Goryeo is 0 years old

Al-Hariri of Basra 0 years

Today, Al-Hariri of Basra is 0 years old

Judith of Swabia 964 years

Today, Judith of Swabia is 964 years old

Langri Tangpa 964 years

Today, Langri Tangpa is 964 years old

Tong Guan 964 years

Today, Tong Guan is 964 years old