Today's Birthdays March 25


William fitzBaderon 0 years

Today, William fitzBaderon is 0 years old

William II of England 959 years

Today, William II of England is 959 years old

Aibert 959 years

Today, Aibert is 959 years old

Adelaide of Rheinfelden 959 years

Today, Adelaide of Rheinfelden is 959 years old

Saint Gaucherius 959 years

Today, Saint Gaucherius is 959 years old

Clementia of Aquitaine 0 years

Today, Clementia of Aquitaine is 0 years old

Felicia of Roucy 959 years

Today, Felicia of Roucy is 959 years old

Brahmadeva 959 years

Today, Brahmadeva is 959 years old

Richard of Salerno 0 years

Today, Richard of Salerno is 0 years old

Princess Tokushi 959 years

Today, Princess Tokushi is 959 years old

Pope Gelasius II 959 years

Today, Pope Gelasius II is 959 years old

Otto of Bamberg 0 years

Today, Otto of Bamberg is 0 years old

Olegarius 959 years

Today, Olegarius is 959 years old

Baldwin II of Jerusalem 959 years

Today, Baldwin II of Jerusalem is 959 years old

Dudo-Henry Count of Laurenburg 0 years

Today, Dudo-Henry Count of Laurenburg is 0 years old

Konstantios Doukas 959 years

Today, Konstantios Doukas is 959 years old

Roger of Cannae 0 years

Today, Roger of Cannae is 0 years old

Diarmait Ua Briain 959 years

Today, Diarmait Ua Briain is 959 years old

Gregory of Catino 959 years

Today, Gregory of Catino is 959 years old

Goswin I of Heinsberg 959 years

Today, Goswin I of Heinsberg is 959 years old

Eustace III Count of Boulogne 959 years

Today, Eustace III Count of Boulogne is 959 years old