Today's Birthdays July 19


William III of Mâcon 0 years

Today, William III of Mâcon is 0 years old

Ibn al-Arif 0 years

Today, Ibn al-Arif is 0 years old

Eystein I of Norway 0 years

Today, Eystein I of Norway is 0 years old

Tairrdelbach Ua Conchobair 930 years

Today, Tairrdelbach Ua Conchobair is 930 years old

Baldwin III Count of Hainaut 930 years

Today, Baldwin III Count of Hainaut is 930 years old

Zhenxie Qingliao 930 years

Today, Zhenxie Qingliao is 930 years old

Lucienne de Rochefort 930 years

Today, Lucienne de Rochefort is 930 years old

Irene of Hungary 930 years

Today, Irene of Hungary is 930 years old