Today's Birthdays August 15


William VI Count of Auvergne 0 years

Today, William VI Count of Auvergne is 0 years old

Canute Lavard 922 years

Today, Canute Lavard is 922 years old

Al-Amir bi-Ahkami'l-Lah 921 years

Today, Al-Amir bi-Ahkami'l-Lah is 921 years old

Hugh of Saint Victor 922 years

Today, Hugh of Saint Victor is 922 years old

Wang Ximeng 922 years

Today, Wang Ximeng is 922 years old

Taira no Tadamori 922 years

Today, Taira no Tadamori is 922 years old

Minamoto no Tameyoshi 922 years

Today, Minamoto no Tameyoshi is 922 years old

Galdino della Sala 922 years

Today, Galdino della Sala is 922 years old

Theodora Komnene Angelina 922 years

Today, Theodora Komnene Angelina is 922 years old

Ermengol VI Count of Urgell 0 years

Today, Ermengol VI Count of Urgell is 0 years old