Today's Birthdays October 18


Ada de Warenne 898 years

Today, Ada de Warenne is 898 years old

Aaron of Lincoln 0 years

Today, Aaron of Lincoln is 0 years old

Bolesław IV the Curly 898 years

Today, Bolesław IV the Curly is 898 years old

Eysteinn Erlendsson 898 years

Today, Eysteinn Erlendsson is 898 years old

Roger de Mowbray (Lord of Montbray) 898 years

Today, Roger de Mowbray (Lord of Montbray) is 898 years old

Fujiwara no Yorinaga 898 years

Today, Fujiwara no Yorinaga is 898 years old

Frederick II (Archbishop of Cologne) 0 years

Today, Frederick II (Archbishop of Cologne) is 0 years old

Zhao Boju 898 years

Today, Zhao Boju is 898 years old

Zechariah Aghmati 898 years

Today, Zechariah Aghmati is 898 years old

Guy II of Ponthieu 0 years

Today, Guy II of Ponthieu is 0 years old

Louis VII of France 898 years

Today, Louis VII of France is 898 years old

Ioveta of Bethany 898 years

Today, Ioveta of Bethany is 898 years old