Today's Birthdays June 17


Robert I Count of Dreux 0 years

Today, Robert I Count of Dreux is 0 years old

Rawal Jaisal 895 years

Today, Rawal Jaisal is 895 years old

Parakramabahu I 895 years

Today, Parakramabahu I is 895 years old

Osbern of Gloucester 0 years

Today, Osbern of Gloucester is 0 years old

Minamoto no Yoshitomo 895 years

Today, Minamoto no Yoshitomo is 895 years old

Zhang Yudrakpa Tsöndru Drakpa 895 years

Today, Zhang Yudrakpa Tsöndru Drakpa is 895 years old

Tokiwa Gozen 895 years

Today, Tokiwa Gozen is 895 years old