Today's Birthdays January 18


Constance of Antioch 892 years

Today, Constance of Antioch is 892 years old

Felix of Valois 891 years

Today, Felix of Valois is 891 years old

Bolesław I the Tall 892 years

Today, Bolesław I the Tall is 892 years old

Julian of Cuenca 892 years

Today, Julian of Cuenca is 892 years old

Henry of Sandomierz 892 years

Today, Henry of Sandomierz is 892 years old

Henry I Count of Champagne 892 years

Today, Henry I Count of Champagne is 892 years old

Uijong of Goryeo 891 years

Today, Uijong of Goryeo is 891 years old

Yang Wanli 892 years

Today, Yang Wanli is 892 years old

Emperor Xiaozong of Song 891 years

Today, Emperor Xiaozong of Song is 891 years old

Emperor Go-Shirakawa 891 years

Today, Emperor Go-Shirakawa is 891 years old