Today's Birthdays March 23


Ibn Qudamah 872 years

Today, Ibn Qudamah is 872 years old

Hugh de Kevelioc 5th Earl of Chester 0 years

Today, Hugh de Kevelioc 5th Earl of Chester is 0 years old

Nicholas of Amiens 0 years

Today, Nicholas of Amiens is 0 years old

Wada Yoshimori 872 years

Today, Wada Yoshimori is 872 years old

Taira no Munemori 872 years

Today, Taira no Munemori is 872 years old

Princess Sukeko 872 years

Today, Princess Sukeko is 872 years old

Princess Noriko (1177–1210) 872 years

Today, Princess Noriko (1177–1210) is 872 years old

Raimbaut of Orange 872 years

Today, Raimbaut of Orange is 872 years old

Drakpa Gyaltsen 0 years

Today, Drakpa Gyaltsen is 0 years old

Stephen III of Hungary 872 years

Today, Stephen III of Hungary is 872 years old

Tulku Dragpa Gyaltsen 872 years

Today, Tulku Dragpa Gyaltsen is 872 years old

Minamoto no Yoritomo 0 years

Today, Minamoto no Yoritomo is 0 years old

Haakon II of Norway 872 years

Today, Haakon II of Norway is 872 years old

Emperor Guangzong of Song 0 years

Today, Emperor Guangzong of Song is 0 years old