Today's Birthdays December 16


Canute VI of Denmark 855 years

Today, Canute VI of Denmark is 855 years old

Hermann of Dorpat 0 years

Today, Hermann of Dorpat is 0 years old

Bénézet 0 years

Today, Bénézet is 0 years old

As-Salih Ismail al-Malik 855 years

Today, As-Salih Ismail al-Malik is 855 years old

Minamoto no Mitsuyuki 855 years

Today, Minamoto no Mitsuyuki is 855 years old

Fujiwara no Tadataka 855 years

Today, Fujiwara no Tadataka is 855 years old

Hōjō Yoshitoki 855 years

Today, Hōjō Yoshitoki is 855 years old

Tetzlav 855 years

Today, Tetzlav is 855 years old

Emperor Xuanzong of Jin 855 years

Today, Emperor Xuanzong of Jin is 855 years old

Emperor Shenzong of Western Xia 0 years

Today, Emperor Shenzong of Western Xia is 0 years old