Today's Birthdays May 26


Liu Songnian 845 years

Today, Liu Songnian is 845 years old

Alfonso II Count of Provence 845 years

Today, Alfonso II Count of Provence is 845 years old

Marie of Champagne 0 years

Today, Marie of Champagne is 0 years old

Lý Long Tường 845 years

Today, Lý Long Tường is 845 years old

Hedwig of Silesia 0 years

Today, Hedwig of Silesia is 0 years old

Peter II of Aragon 845 years

Today, Peter II of Aragon is 845 years old

Theodore I Laskaris 845 years

Today, Theodore I Laskaris is 845 years old

Emeric King of Hungary 845 years

Today, Emeric King of Hungary is 845 years old