Today's Birthdays June 22


Hugh I of Arborea 0 years

Today, Hugh I of Arborea is 0 years old

Armand de Périgord 840 years

Today, Armand de Périgord is 840 years old

Avoise de Craon 840 years

Today, Avoise de Craon is 840 years old

Helvis of Ibelin 840 years

Today, Helvis of Ibelin is 840 years old

Roland of Cremona 0 years

Today, Roland of Cremona is 0 years old

Wuzhun Shifan 840 years

Today, Wuzhun Shifan is 840 years old

Thomas Count of Savoy 840 years

Today, Thomas Count of Savoy is 840 years old

Theresa of Portugal Queen of León 839 years

Today, Theresa of Portugal Queen of León is 839 years old

Emperor Antoku 839 years

Today, Emperor Antoku is 839 years old