Today's Birthdays October 20


Afonso II of Portugal 833 years

Today, Afonso II of Portugal is 833 years old

Abdelwahid al-Marrakushi 833 years

Today, Abdelwahid al-Marrakushi is 833 years old

Inge II of Norway 833 years

Today, Inge II of Norway is 833 years old

Inga of Varteig 0 years

Today, Inga of Varteig is 0 years old

Hyacinth of Poland 833 years

Today, Hyacinth of Poland is 833 years old

Gertrude of Merania 833 years

Today, Gertrude of Merania is 833 years old

Gerard III Count of Guelders 833 years

Today, Gerard III Count of Guelders is 833 years old

Tancred Tancredi 833 years

Today, Tancred Tancredi is 833 years old

Robert III Count of Dreux 0 years

Today, Robert III Count of Dreux is 0 years old

Philip Basset 833 years

Today, Philip Basset is 833 years old

Raymond Roger Trencavel 833 years

Today, Raymond Roger Trencavel is 833 years old

Shams Tabrizi 833 years

Today, Shams Tabrizi is 833 years old

Michael of Chernigov 833 years

Today, Michael of Chernigov is 833 years old

Patrick II Earl of Dunbar 0 years

Today, Patrick II Earl of Dunbar is 0 years old

Fujiwara no Reishi 833 years

Today, Fujiwara no Reishi is 833 years old

Grzymisława of Luck 833 years

Today, Grzymisława of Luck is 833 years old

Engelbert II of Berg 0 years

Today, Engelbert II of Berg is 0 years old