Today's Birthdays August 16


William de Braose (died 1230) 821 years

Today, William de Braose (died 1230) is 821 years old

Agnes of Assisi 821 years

Today, Agnes of Assisi is 821 years old

Ibn al-Baitar 821 years

Today, Ibn al-Baitar is 821 years old

Hugh I Count of Blois 0 years

Today, Hugh I Count of Blois is 0 years old

Nikephoros Blemmydes 821 years

Today, Nikephoros Blemmydes is 821 years old

Amadeus IV Count of Savoy 0 years

Today, Amadeus IV Count of Savoy is 0 years old

Richard of Chichester 821 years

Today, Richard of Chichester is 821 years old

Princess Rishi 821 years

Today, Princess Rishi is 821 years old

Philippa of Champagne 821 years

Today, Philippa of Champagne is 821 years old

Raymond VII Count of Toulouse 821 years

Today, Raymond VII Count of Toulouse is 821 years old

Oberto Pallavicino 821 years

Today, Oberto Pallavicino is 821 years old

Minamoto no Ichiman 821 years

Today, Minamoto no Ichiman is 821 years old

Yusuf II Almohad caliph 821 years

Today, Yusuf II Almohad caliph is 821 years old

Emperor Juntoku 820 years

Today, Emperor Juntoku is 820 years old