Today's Birthdays August 19


Agnes of the Palatinate 817 years

Today, Agnes of the Palatinate is 817 years old

Sava II 817 years

Today, Sava II is 817 years old

Alix Duchess of Brittany 816 years

Today, Alix Duchess of Brittany is 816 years old

Nasir al-Din al-Tusi 817 years

Today, Nasir al-Din al-Tusi is 817 years old

Gerold of Cologne 817 years

Today, Gerold of Cologne is 817 years old

Daniel of Galicia 817 years

Today, Daniel of Galicia is 817 years old

Robert de Sorbon 816 years

Today, Robert de Sorbon is 816 years old

Robert VII Lord of Béthune 817 years

Today, Robert VII Lord of Béthune is 817 years old

Richard de Fournival 817 years

Today, Richard de Fournival is 817 years old

Qin Jiushao 817 years

Today, Qin Jiushao is 817 years old

Philip I Count of Boulogne 0 years

Today, Philip I Count of Boulogne is 0 years old

Arnold Fitz Thedmar 817 years

Today, Arnold Fitz Thedmar is 817 years old

John I of Sweden 0 years

Today, John I of Sweden is 0 years old

Maria of Swabia 817 years

Today, Maria of Swabia is 817 years old

Diana degli Andalò 817 years

Today, Diana degli Andalò is 817 years old

Thomas of Cantimpré 0 years

Today, Thomas of Cantimpré is 0 years old

Theobald le Botiller 2nd Chief Butler of Ireland 817 years

Today, Theobald le Botiller 2nd Chief Butler of Ireland is 817 years old

Theobald I of Navarre 817 years

Today, Theobald I of Navarre is 817 years old