Today's Birthdays May 26


Wenceslaus I of Bohemia 814 years

Today, Wenceslaus I of Bohemia is 814 years old

Adolf IV of Holstein 814 years

Today, Adolf IV of Holstein is 814 years old

Hugh Ripelin of Strasburg 0 years

Today, Hugh Ripelin of Strasburg is 0 years old

Mayor Guillén de Guzmán 814 years

Today, Mayor Guillén de Guzmán is 814 years old

Walter de Merton 814 years

Today, Walter de Merton is 814 years old

Walter IV Count of Brienne 0 years

Today, Walter IV Count of Brienne is 0 years old

Gertrude of Dagsburg 0 years

Today, Gertrude of Dagsburg is 0 years old

Alan la Zouche (1205–1270) 814 years

Today, Alan la Zouche (1205–1270) is 814 years old

Pillai Lokacharya 0 years

Today, Pillai Lokacharya is 0 years old

Philippe Chinard 814 years

Today, Philippe Chinard is 814 years old

Peter de Montfort 814 years

Today, Peter de Montfort is 814 years old

Razia Sultana 814 years

Today, Razia Sultana is 814 years old

Paio Peres Correia 0 years

Today, Paio Peres Correia is 0 years old

Beatrice of Savoy 814 years

Today, Beatrice of Savoy is 814 years old

Azzo VII d'Este 814 years

Today, Azzo VII d'Este is 814 years old

As-Salih Ayyub 813 years

Today, As-Salih Ayyub is 813 years old

John Fitzgeoffrey 814 years

Today, John Fitzgeoffrey is 814 years old

Egidia de Lacy Lady of Connacht 814 years

Today, Egidia de Lacy Lady of Connacht is 814 years old

Rogerius of Apulia 0 years

Today, Rogerius of Apulia is 0 years old

Roger of Torre Maggiore 814 years

Today, Roger of Torre Maggiore is 814 years old

Hōjō Masamura 814 years

Today, Hōjō Masamura is 814 years old

Guy I de la Roche 814 years

Today, Guy I de la Roche is 814 years old

Tikkana 814 years

Today, Tikkana is 814 years old