Today's Birthdays May 26


Abu al-Hasan al-Shushtari 807 years

Today, Abu al-Hasan al-Shushtari is 807 years old

Ingeborg Eriksdotter of Sweden 807 years

Today, Ingeborg Eriksdotter of Sweden is 807 years old

Ibn Sahl of Seville 0 years

Today, Ibn Sahl of Seville is 0 years old

Hugh IV of Rodez 0 years

Today, Hugh IV of Rodez is 0 years old

Farinata degli Uberti 807 years

Today, Farinata degli Uberti is 807 years old

Zita 807 years

Today, Zita is 807 years old

Yolande of Dreux Duchess of Burgundy 807 years

Today, Yolande of Dreux Duchess of Burgundy is 807 years old

Malatesta da Verucchio 807 years

Today, Malatesta da Verucchio is 807 years old

Emperor Go-Horikawa 807 years

Today, Emperor Go-Horikawa is 807 years old

Isabelle de Craon 807 years

Today, Isabelle de Craon is 807 years old

Isabella II of Jerusalem 807 years

Today, Isabella II of Jerusalem is 807 years old