Today's Birthdays January 22


William Devereux (1219 to 1265) 800 years

Today, William Devereux (1219 to 1265) is 800 years old

Abul Abbas al-Mursi 800 years

Today, Abul Abbas al-Mursi is 800 years old

Christopher I of Denmark 800 years

Today, Christopher I of Denmark is 800 years old

Ariq Böke 800 years

Today, Ariq Böke is 800 years old

Baldwin of Avesnes 800 years

Today, Baldwin of Avesnes is 800 years old

Wonjong of Goryeo 0 years

Today, Wonjong of Goryeo is 0 years old

Guillaume de Gisors 800 years

Today, Guillaume de Gisors is 800 years old

Tettsū Gikai 799 years

Today, Tettsū Gikai is 799 years old