Today's Birthdays June 22


Aju 791 years

Today, Aju is 791 years old

Hu Zhiyu 791 years

Today, Hu Zhiyu is 791 years old

Fang Hui 791 years

Today, Fang Hui is 791 years old

Walter of Bruges 0 years

Today, Walter of Bruges is 0 years old

Vladislaus Margrave of Moravia 0 years

Today, Vladislaus Margrave of Moravia is 0 years old

Mujū 791 years

Today, Mujū is 791 years old

Gertrude of Aldenberg 791 years

Today, Gertrude of Aldenberg is 791 years old

Pope Nicholas IV 790 years

Today, Pope Nicholas IV is 790 years old

Henry III the White 791 years

Today, Henry III the White is 791 years old

Hōjō Tokiyori 790 years

Today, Hōjō Tokiyori is 790 years old

Hōjō Nagatoki 791 years

Today, Hōjō Nagatoki is 791 years old

Elisabeth of Bavaria Queen of Germany 791 years

Today, Elisabeth of Bavaria Queen of Germany is 791 years old