Today's Birthdays May 24


Nicholas of Gorran 0 years

Today, Nicholas of Gorran is 0 years old

Bernard Saisset 787 years

Today, Bernard Saisset is 787 years old

Gerhard I Count of Holstein-Itzehoe 787 years

Today, Gerhard I Count of Holstein-Itzehoe is 787 years old

Ramon Llull 0 years

Today, Ramon Llull is 0 years old

John Giffard 787 years

Today, John Giffard is 787 years old

Fujiwara no Kimiko 787 years

Today, Fujiwara no Kimiko is 787 years old

Gunselm de Badlesmere 787 years

Today, Gunselm de Badlesmere is 787 years old

Manfred King of Sicily 787 years

Today, Manfred King of Sicily is 787 years old

Elisabeth of Wrocław 787 years

Today, Elisabeth of Wrocław is 787 years old