Today's Birthdays May 22


Jon Smør 779 years

Today, Jon Smør is 779 years old

Conrad de Lichtenberg 779 years

Today, Conrad de Lichtenberg is 779 years old

Conrad Margrave of Brandenburg-Stendal 779 years

Today, Conrad Margrave of Brandenburg-Stendal is 779 years old

William VII Marquess of Montferrat 0 years

Today, William VII Marquess of Montferrat is 0 years old

Agostino Novello 0 years

Today, Agostino Novello is 0 years old

Adolf VIII of Berg 779 years

Today, Adolf VIII of Berg is 779 years old

Adenes Le Roi 779 years

Today, Adenes Le Roi is 779 years old

Abraham Abulafia 779 years

Today, Abraham Abulafia is 779 years old

Sa'ad al-Dawla 779 years

Today, Sa'ad al-Dawla is 779 years old

Humbert I of Viennois 0 years

Today, Humbert I of Viennois is 0 years old

Hugh Count of Brienne 0 years

Today, Hugh Count of Brienne is 0 years old

Herman VI van Woerden 779 years

Today, Herman VI van Woerden is 779 years old

Nikephoros I Komnenos Doukas 779 years

Today, Nikephoros I Komnenos Doukas is 779 years old

Matthew of Aquasparta 779 years

Today, Matthew of Aquasparta is 779 years old

Andronikos II of Trebizond 0 years

Today, Andronikos II of Trebizond is 0 years old

Jean de Meun 779 years

Today, Jean de Meun is 779 years old

Vitslav II Prince of Rügen 779 years

Today, Vitslav II Prince of Rügen is 779 years old

Bonvesin da la Riva 0 years

Today, Bonvesin da la Riva is 0 years old

Bernard of Trilia 0 years

Today, Bernard of Trilia is 0 years old

Bernard de Castanet 779 years

Today, Bernard de Castanet is 779 years old

Giovanni Soranzo 779 years

Today, Giovanni Soranzo is 779 years old

Gerard Segarelli 779 years

Today, Gerard Segarelli is 779 years old

Daumantas of Pskov 779 years

Today, Daumantas of Pskov is 779 years old