Today's Birthdays May 26


Sancho IV of Castile 761 years

Today, Sancho IV of Castile is 761 years old

Salvino degli Armati 0 years

Today, Salvino degli Armati is 0 years old

Salvino D'Armate 0 years

Today, Salvino D'Armate is 0 years old

Ferrantino Malatesta 0 years

Today, Ferrantino Malatesta is 0 years old

Joachim Piccolomini 761 years

Today, Joachim Piccolomini is 761 years old

Bolko I of Opole 760 years

Today, Bolko I of Opole is 760 years old

Bertram of St. Genesius 761 years

Today, Bertram of St. Genesius is 761 years old

Mohammed ibn Hajj al-Tilimsani 761 years

Today, Mohammed ibn Hajj al-Tilimsani is 761 years old

Osman I 761 years

Today, Osman I is 761 years old

Arghun 761 years

Today, Arghun is 761 years old

John I of Chalon-Arlay 761 years

Today, John I of Chalon-Arlay is 761 years old

Lady Nijō 761 years

Today, Lady Nijō is 761 years old

Henryk IV Probus 761 years

Today, Henryk IV Probus is 761 years old

Henry I Count of Holstein-Rendsburg 761 years

Today, Henry I Count of Holstein-Rendsburg is 761 years old

Trần Nhân Tông 761 years

Today, Trần Nhân Tông is 761 years old