Today's Birthdays January 22


Agnes of Meissen 755 years

Today, Agnes of Meissen is 755 years old

Adelaide of Waldeck 755 years

Today, Adelaide of Waldeck is 755 years old

Sancha of Portugal (born 1264) 754 years

Today, Sancha of Portugal (born 1264) is 754 years old

Nichiin 755 years

Today, Nichiin is 755 years old

Alexander Prince of Scotland 755 years

Today, Alexander Prince of Scotland is 755 years old

Prince Koreyasu 0 years

Today, Prince Koreyasu is 0 years old

Pope Clement V 755 years

Today, Pope Clement V is 755 years old

Maria of Portugal (nun) 754 years

Today, Maria of Portugal (nun) is 754 years old

Helmold III Count of Schwerin 755 years

Today, Helmold III Count of Schwerin is 755 years old

Heinrich von Plötzke 755 years

Today, Heinrich von Plötzke is 755 years old

Louis of France (1264–1276) 755 years

Today, Louis of France (1264–1276) is 755 years old