Today's Birthdays March 23


Werner of Oberwesel 748 years

Today, Werner of Oberwesel is 748 years old

Wenceslaus II of Bohemia 747 years

Today, Wenceslaus II of Bohemia is 747 years old

Charles Martel of Anjou 747 years

Today, Charles Martel of Anjou is 747 years old

Maurice de Berkeley 2nd Baron Berkeley 0 years

Today, Maurice de Berkeley 2nd Baron Berkeley is 0 years old

Blanche of Brittany 748 years

Today, Blanche of Brittany is 748 years old

Ghazan 747 years

Today, Ghazan is 747 years old

Awhadi Maraghai 748 years

Today, Awhadi Maraghai is 748 years old

Eifuku-mon In 748 years

Today, Eifuku-mon In is 748 years old

Stephen I Duke of Bavaria 748 years

Today, Stephen I Duke of Bavaria is 748 years old

Miles de Noyers 748 years

Today, Miles de Noyers is 748 years old

Mikhail of Tver 748 years

Today, Mikhail of Tver is 748 years old

Fujiwara no Shōshi (Fushimi) 748 years

Today, Fujiwara no Shōshi (Fushimi) is 748 years old

Emperor Gong of Song 747 years

Today, Emperor Gong of Song is 747 years old

Emperor Bing of Song 748 years

Today, Emperor Bing of Song is 748 years old

Elizabeth of Aragon 748 years

Today, Elizabeth of Aragon is 748 years old