Today's Birthdays January 18


Cangrande I della Scala 726 years

Today, Cangrande I della Scala is 726 years old

Afonso IV of Portugal 726 years

Today, Afonso IV of Portugal is 726 years old

Abu al-Rabi Sulayman 727 years

Today, Abu al-Rabi Sulayman is 727 years old

Abdiso Brika bar 727 years

Today, Abdiso Brika bar is 727 years old

Ichijō Uchitsune 726 years

Today, Ichijō Uchitsune is 726 years old

Masuccio Segondo 727 years

Today, Masuccio Segondo is 727 years old

Lippo Memmi 727 years

Today, Lippo Memmi is 727 years old

Veera Ballala III 727 years

Today, Veera Ballala III is 727 years old

Bolesław III the Generous 726 years

Today, Bolesław III the Generous is 726 years old

Gilbert de Clare 8th Earl of Gloucester 726 years

Today, Gilbert de Clare 8th Earl of Gloucester is 726 years old

Rinaldo Cavalchini 727 years

Today, Rinaldo Cavalchini is 727 years old

Pope Clement VI 727 years

Today, Pope Clement VI is 727 years old

Philippe de Vitry 726 years

Today, Philippe de Vitry is 726 years old

Peter Tempesta 727 years

Today, Peter Tempesta is 727 years old

Aymon Count of Savoy 726 years

Today, Aymon Count of Savoy is 726 years old

Margareta Ebner 727 years

Today, Margareta Ebner is 727 years old

Shah Kamal Quhafa 727 years

Today, Shah Kamal Quhafa is 727 years old

Luis de la Cerda 727 years

Today, Luis de la Cerda is 727 years old

Theodore I Marquess of Montferrat 727 years

Today, Theodore I Marquess of Montferrat is 727 years old