Today's Birthdays March 22


Constance of Sicily (regent) 695 years

Today, Constance of Sicily (regent) is 695 years old

William I Marquis of Namur 695 years

Today, William I Marquis of Namur is 695 years old

Adelaide of Hesse 695 years

Today, Adelaide of Hesse is 695 years old

Louis Count of Gravina 0 years

Today, Louis Count of Gravina is 0 years old

Alice of Norfolk 695 years

Today, Alice of Norfolk is 695 years old

Vettor Pisani 695 years

Today, Vettor Pisani is 695 years old

Giovanni Manfredi 695 years

Today, Giovanni Manfredi is 695 years old

David II of Scotland 695 years

Today, David II of Scotland is 695 years old

Prince Tsunenaga 0 years

Today, Prince Tsunenaga is 0 years old

Bayan Khutugh 695 years

Today, Bayan Khutugh is 695 years old

Manuel II of Trebizond 0 years

Today, Manuel II of Trebizond is 0 years old

Dmitry of Suzdal 0 years

Today, Dmitry of Suzdal is 0 years old

Demetrios Kydones 695 years

Today, Demetrios Kydones is 695 years old

Magnus II Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg 0 years

Today, Magnus II Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg is 0 years old