Today's Birthdays May 25


Ōuchi Yoshihiro 663 years

Today, Ōuchi Yoshihiro is 663 years old

William Esturmy 663 years

Today, William Esturmy is 663 years old

Nijō Morotsugu 663 years

Today, Nijō Morotsugu is 663 years old

Maurice Russell knight 663 years

Today, Maurice Russell knight is 663 years old

Martin of Aragon 662 years

Today, Martin of Aragon is 662 years old

Francesco di Vannuccio 663 years

Today, Francesco di Vannuccio is 663 years old

Bukka Raya I 663 years

Today, Bukka Raya I is 663 years old

Robert IV of Artois Count of Eu 0 years

Today, Robert IV of Artois Count of Eu is 0 years old

Pope Boniface IX 0 years

Today, Pope Boniface IX is 0 years old

Pino I Ordelaffi 663 years

Today, Pino I Ordelaffi is 663 years old

Reynold Braybrooke 663 years

Today, Reynold Braybrooke is 663 years old

Ramaracha 663 years

Today, Ramaracha is 663 years old

Drakpa Changchub 663 years

Today, Drakpa Changchub is 663 years old

Thomas III Marquess of Saluzzo 0 years

Today, Thomas III Marquess of Saluzzo is 0 years old

Ingegerd Knutsdotter 663 years

Today, Ingegerd Knutsdotter is 663 years old