Today's Birthdays June 20


William Waynflete 620 years

Today, William Waynflete is 620 years old

Cecília Rozgonyi 620 years

Today, Cecília Rozgonyi is 620 years old

Caterina Appiani 620 years

Today, Caterina Appiani is 620 years old

Meinhard of Neuhaus 620 years

Today, Meinhard of Neuhaus is 620 years old

Francesco Filelfo 619 years

Today, Francesco Filelfo is 619 years old

Amico Agnifili 620 years

Today, Amico Agnifili is 620 years old

Moctezuma I 0 years

Today, Moctezuma I is 0 years old

Richard Young (bishop of Rochester) 620 years

Today, Richard Young (bishop of Rochester) is 620 years old

Al-Mutawakkil al-Mutahhar 620 years

Today, Al-Mutawakkil al-Mutahhar is 620 years old

Pietro Borghese 620 years

Today, Pietro Borghese is 620 years old

Peter of Aragon (heir of Sicily) 619 years

Today, Peter of Aragon (heir of Sicily) is 619 years old

Ashikaga Mochiuji 620 years

Today, Ashikaga Mochiuji is 620 years old

Julian Cesarini 620 years

Today, Julian Cesarini is 620 years old

John II of Aragon 619 years

Today, John II of Aragon is 619 years old

John Flete 620 years

Today, John Flete is 620 years old

John Dauphin of France Duke of Touraine 619 years

Today, John Dauphin of France Duke of Touraine is 619 years old

Eleanor Percy Countess of Northumberland 620 years

Today, Eleanor Percy Countess of Northumberland is 620 years old

Jakob Fugger the Elder 620 years

Today, Jakob Fugger the Elder is 620 years old

Marie Countess of Harcourt 619 years

Today, Marie Countess of Harcourt is 619 years old

Kuai Xiang 620 years

Today, Kuai Xiang is 620 years old

Helvig of Schauenburg 620 years

Today, Helvig of Schauenburg is 620 years old

Spytek of Melsztyn 620 years

Today, Spytek of Melsztyn is 620 years old

Yu Qian 620 years

Today, Yu Qian is 620 years old