Today's Birthdays January 23


Catherine of Portugal (nun) 0 years

Today, Catherine of Portugal (nun) is 0 years old

Imagawa Yoshitada 582 years

Today, Imagawa Yoshitada is 582 years old

Hernando del Pulgar 583 years

Today, Hernando del Pulgar is 583 years old

Ni Duan 583 years

Today, Ni Duan is 583 years old

Matteo Civitali 583 years

Today, Matteo Civitali is 583 years old

Francisco Jiménez de Cisneros 583 years

Today, Francisco Jiménez de Cisneros is 583 years old

Leonardo Loredan 582 years

Today, Leonardo Loredan is 582 years old

Giorgio Schiavone 583 years

Today, Giorgio Schiavone is 583 years old

Richard Grey 3rd Earl of Tankerville 582 years

Today, Richard Grey 3rd Earl of Tankerville is 582 years old

Pino III Ordelaffi 583 years

Today, Pino III Ordelaffi is 583 years old

Philip I of Croÿ-Chimay 583 years

Today, Philip I of Croÿ-Chimay is 583 years old

Regiomontanus 582 years

Today, Regiomontanus is 582 years old

Baccio Baldini 583 years

Today, Baccio Baldini is 583 years old

Marie de Valois 0 years

Today, Marie de Valois is 0 years old

Marcus Antonius Coccius Sabellicus 583 years

Today, Marcus Antonius Coccius Sabellicus is 583 years old

Lady Eleanor Talbot 583 years

Today, Lady Eleanor Talbot is 583 years old

Henry Beaufort 3rd Duke of Somerset 582 years

Today, Henry Beaufort 3rd Duke of Somerset is 582 years old

Sheikh Hamdullah 583 years

Today, Sheikh Hamdullah is 583 years old

Luca Landucci 583 years

Today, Luca Landucci is 583 years old

Lu Rong 583 years

Today, Lu Rong is 583 years old

Elisabeth of Habsburg (1436–1505) 583 years

Today, Elisabeth of Habsburg (1436–1505) is 583 years old

Isabella of Bourbon 583 years

Today, Isabella of Bourbon is 583 years old