Today's Birthdays May 22


William Norreys 578 years

Today, William Norreys is 578 years old

Charlotte of Savoy 577 years

Today, Charlotte of Savoy is 577 years old

Niclas Graf von Abensberg 578 years

Today, Niclas Graf von Abensberg is 578 years old

Francisco de Borja 578 years

Today, Francisco de Borja is 578 years old

Federico I Gonzaga Marquess of Mantua 577 years

Today, Federico I Gonzaga Marquess of Mantua is 577 years old

Liberale da Verona 578 years

Today, Liberale da Verona is 578 years old

Li Dongyang 578 years

Today, Li Dongyang is 578 years old

Ali-Shir Nava'i 578 years

Today, Ali-Shir Nava'i is 578 years old

Giovanni Aurelio Augurello 578 years

Today, Giovanni Aurelio Augurello is 578 years old

Danjong of Joseon 577 years

Today, Danjong of Joseon is 577 years old

Al-Mansur Muhammad 578 years

Today, Al-Mansur Muhammad is 578 years old

Al-Hadi Izz ad-din 578 years

Today, Al-Hadi Izz ad-din is 578 years old

Al-Ashraf Qansuh al-Ghawri 578 years

Today, Al-Ashraf Qansuh al-Ghawri is 578 years old

Antonio de Nebrija 578 years

Today, Antonio de Nebrija is 578 years old

Antonio Pallavicini Gentili 0 years

Today, Antonio Pallavicini Gentili is 0 years old

Anna of Nassau-Dillenburg 578 years

Today, Anna of Nassau-Dillenburg is 578 years old

Juan Castellar y de Borja 578 years

Today, Juan Castellar y de Borja is 578 years old

John III of Nassau-Weilburg 577 years

Today, John III of Nassau-Weilburg is 577 years old

Martín Alonso Pinzón 0 years

Today, Martín Alonso Pinzón is 0 years old

Margareta of Rawa 578 years

Today, Margareta of Rawa is 578 years old

Lê Nhân Tông 578 years

Today, Lê Nhân Tông is 578 years old

Shō Toku 578 years

Today, Shō Toku is 578 years old

Ulrich Fugger the Elder 578 years

Today, Ulrich Fugger the Elder is 578 years old