Today's Birthdays March 19


Costanzo I Sforza 571 years

Today, Costanzo I Sforza is 571 years old

William Gage (15th-century landowner) 571 years

Today, William Gage (15th-century landowner) is 571 years old

Catherine of Genoa 571 years

Today, Catherine of Genoa is 571 years old

Sayyid Abu Bakr Al-Aidarus (saint) 571 years

Today, Sayyid Abu Bakr Al-Aidarus (saint) is 571 years old

Chenghua Emperor 570 years

Today, Chenghua Emperor is 570 years old

Hieronymus Münzer 571 years

Today, Hieronymus Münzer is 571 years old

Neroccio di Bartolomeo de' Landi 571 years

Today, Neroccio di Bartolomeo de' Landi is 571 years old

Matteo D'Afflitto 571 years

Today, Matteo D'Afflitto is 571 years old

Francesco Bianchi (painter) 571 years

Today, Francesco Bianchi (painter) is 571 years old

Fazio Giovanni Santori 571 years

Today, Fazio Giovanni Santori is 571 years old

Lodovico Lazzarelli 571 years

Today, Lodovico Lazzarelli is 571 years old

Jean IV de Rieux 570 years

Today, Jean IV de Rieux is 570 years old

Giorgio Valla 571 years

Today, Giorgio Valla is 571 years old

Richard Nykke 571 years

Today, Richard Nykke is 571 years old

Albert IV Duke of Bavaria 570 years

Today, Albert IV Duke of Bavaria is 570 years old

Piero Capponi 571 years

Today, Piero Capponi is 571 years old

Philippe de Commines 571 years

Today, Philippe de Commines is 571 years old

Pasquier Grenier 571 years

Today, Pasquier Grenier is 571 years old

Paolo da San Leocadio 570 years

Today, Paolo da San Leocadio is 570 years old

Bayezid II 570 years

Today, Bayezid II is 570 years old

Bartolomeo degli Erri 571 years

Today, Bartolomeo degli Erri is 571 years old

Eberhard II Duke of Württemberg 571 years

Today, Eberhard II Duke of Württemberg is 571 years old

Maria of Serbia Queen of Bosnia 571 years

Today, Maria of Serbia Queen of Bosnia is 571 years old