Today's Birthdays January 23


Abraham Zacuto 567 years

Today, Abraham Zacuto is 567 years old

Hugh Oldham 567 years

Today, Hugh Oldham is 567 years old

Francesco dai Libri 567 years

Today, Francesco dai Libri is 567 years old

Ferdinand II of Aragon 566 years

Today, Ferdinand II of Aragon is 566 years old

Leonardo da Vinci 566 years

Today, Leonardo da Vinci is 566 years old

Joanna Princess of Portugal 566 years

Today, Joanna Princess of Portugal is 566 years old

Bernardo Bellincioni 567 years

Today, Bernardo Bellincioni is 567 years old

Bernardino Lunati 567 years

Today, Bernardino Lunati is 567 years old

Girolamo Savonarola 566 years

Today, Girolamo Savonarola is 566 years old

Giovanni Luca Barberi 567 years

Today, Giovanni Luca Barberi is 567 years old

Giorgio Cornaro 567 years

Today, Giorgio Cornaro is 567 years old

Davide Ghirlandaio 567 years

Today, Davide Ghirlandaio is 567 years old

Robert Willoughby 1st Baron Willoughby de Broke 567 years

Today, Robert Willoughby 1st Baron Willoughby de Broke is 567 years old

Richard III of England 566 years

Today, Richard III of England is 566 years old

Prospero Colonna 567 years

Today, Prospero Colonna is 567 years old

Pietro del Donzello 567 years

Today, Pietro del Donzello is 567 years old

Pierre de la Rue 567 years

Today, Pierre de la Rue is 567 years old

Pandolfo Petrucci 566 years

Today, Pandolfo Petrucci is 566 years old

Antonio Mancinelli 566 years

Today, Antonio Mancinelli is 566 years old

Attavante degli Attavanti 567 years

Today, Attavante degli Attavanti is 567 years old

John III of Bergen op Zoom 567 years

Today, John III of Bergen op Zoom is 567 years old

Johannes Stöffler 566 years

Today, Johannes Stöffler is 566 years old

Eitel Frederick II Count of Hohenzollern 567 years

Today, Eitel Frederick II Count of Hohenzollern is 567 years old