Today's Birthdays January 22


William III Landgrave of Hesse 547 years

Today, William III Landgrave of Hesse is 547 years old

William Holles 548 years

Today, William Holles is 548 years old

Mauritius Ferber 548 years

Today, Mauritius Ferber is 548 years old

Francesco Morone 548 years

Today, Francesco Morone is 548 years old

Alonso de Mendoza 0 years

Today, Alonso de Mendoza is 0 years old

Alonso Manrique de Lara 548 years

Today, Alonso Manrique de Lara is 548 years old

Nam Gon 548 years

Today, Nam Gon is 548 years old

Giacomo Feo 548 years

Today, Giacomo Feo is 548 years old

Symphorien Champier 548 years

Today, Symphorien Champier is 548 years old

Robert Dudley alias Sutton 548 years

Today, Robert Dudley alias Sutton is 548 years old

Richard Bartlot 548 years

Today, Richard Bartlot is 548 years old

Albrecht Dürer 547 years

Today, Albrecht Dürer is 547 years old

Anne Hastings Countess of Shrewsbury 548 years

Today, Anne Hastings Countess of Shrewsbury is 548 years old

Edward Neville 548 years

Today, Edward Neville is 548 years old

Jan Feliks Szram Tarnowski 547 years

Today, Jan Feliks Szram Tarnowski is 547 years old

Jakob von Baden 548 years

Today, Jakob von Baden is 548 years old

Margaret of Hanau-Münzenberg 547 years

Today, Margaret of Hanau-Münzenberg is 547 years old

Krishnadevaraya 548 years

Today, Krishnadevaraya is 548 years old

Konrad Mutian 548 years

Today, Konrad Mutian is 548 years old

Simon V Count of Lippe 548 years

Today, Simon V Count of Lippe is 548 years old

Diogo de Gouveia 548 years

Today, Diogo de Gouveia is 548 years old

George Duke of Saxony 547 years

Today, George Duke of Saxony is 547 years old

Galeotto Franciotti della Rovere 548 years

Today, Galeotto Franciotti della Rovere is 548 years old