Today's Birthdays April 20


Cristóbal de Castillejo 527 years

Today, Cristóbal de Castillejo is 527 years old

Christopher Conyers 2nd Baron Conyers 527 years

Today, Christopher Conyers 2nd Baron Conyers is 527 years old

Huáscar 0 years

Today, Huáscar is 0 years old

Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm 527 years

Today, Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm is 527 years old

Martin Bucer 526 years

Today, Martin Bucer is 526 years old

Francis de Bourbon Count of St. Pol 526 years

Today, Francis de Bourbon Count of St. Pol is 526 years old

Francesco Sforza (il Duchetto) 527 years

Today, Francesco Sforza (il Duchetto) is 527 years old

Feliciano de Silva 527 years

Today, Feliciano de Silva is 527 years old

Giovanni Battista Consiglieri 527 years

Today, Giovanni Battista Consiglieri is 527 years old

Teofilo Folengo 526 years

Today, Teofilo Folengo is 526 years old

Suzanne Duchess of Bourbon 526 years

Today, Suzanne Duchess of Bourbon is 526 years old

Robert III de La Marck 527 years

Today, Robert III de La Marck is 527 years old

Alardus of Amsterdam 527 years

Today, Alardus of Amsterdam is 527 years old

Queen Janggyeong 527 years

Today, Queen Janggyeong is 527 years old

Obata Toramori 527 years

Today, Obata Toramori is 527 years old

Antonios Eparchos 527 years

Today, Antonios Eparchos is 527 years old

Antonio del Duca 0 years

Today, Antonio del Duca is 0 years old

Antonio Pigafetta 527 years

Today, Antonio Pigafetta is 527 years old

Azai Sukemasa 527 years

Today, Azai Sukemasa is 527 years old

Augustine Steward 527 years

Today, Augustine Steward is 527 years old

Atibadi Jagannath Das 527 years

Today, Atibadi Jagannath Das is 527 years old

John Halton 527 years

Today, John Halton is 527 years old

John Carey (courtier) 527 years

Today, John Carey (courtier) is 527 years old