Today's Birthdays March 20


Katherine Bellenden 521 years

Today, Katherine Bellenden is 521 years old

John Plunket 521 years

Today, John Plunket is 521 years old

William Neville (poet) 520 years

Today, William Neville (poet) is 520 years old

William IV of Eberstein 520 years

Today, William IV of Eberstein is 520 years old

Agostino Steuco 521 years

Today, Agostino Steuco is 521 years old

Agneta Willeken 521 years

Today, Agneta Willeken is 521 years old

Adolf Clarenbach 521 years

Today, Adolf Clarenbach is 521 years old

Hkonmaing 521 years

Today, Hkonmaing is 521 years old

Ngorchen Konchog Lhundrup 521 years

Today, Ngorchen Konchog Lhundrup is 521 years old

Mattio Rampollini 521 years

Today, Mattio Rampollini is 521 years old

Matthäus Schwarz 521 years

Today, Matthäus Schwarz is 521 years old

Mary Grey Baroness Grey de Wilton 521 years

Today, Mary Grey Baroness Grey de Wilton is 521 years old

Francisco de Osuna 521 years

Today, Francisco de Osuna is 521 years old

Francis of Denmark 520 years

Today, Francis of Denmark is 520 years old

Francesco Canova da Milano 520 years

Today, Francesco Canova da Milano is 520 years old

André de Gouveia 521 years

Today, André de Gouveia is 521 years old

Amago Okihisa 521 years

Today, Amago Okihisa is 521 years old

Jean Fernel 521 years

Today, Jean Fernel is 521 years old

Benedetto Accolti the Younger 520 years

Today, Benedetto Accolti the Younger is 520 years old

Girolamo Verallo 521 years

Today, Girolamo Verallo is 521 years old

Giovanni Paolo I Sforza 521 years

Today, Giovanni Paolo I Sforza is 521 years old

George Cavendish (writer) 521 years

Today, George Cavendish (writer) is 521 years old

George Brooke 9th Baron Cobham 0 years

Today, George Brooke 9th Baron Cobham is 0 years old