Today's Birthdays March 25


Jorge Álvares 0 years

Today, Jorge Álvares is 0 years old

John the Evangelist 0 years

Today, John the Evangelist is 0 years old

John VII of Hoya 2004 years

Today, John VII of Hoya is 2004 years old

Conrad V Count of Rietberg 2004 years

Today, Conrad V Count of Rietberg is 2004 years old

William Engelbert Jr. 2004 years

Today, William Engelbert Jr. is 2004 years old

Wendy Max 0 years

Today, Wendy Max is 0 years old

Akhsarbek Galazov 2004 years

Today, Akhsarbek Galazov is 2004 years old

Aed mac Brian Ó hUiginn 2004 years

Today, Aed mac Brian Ó hUiginn is 2004 years old

Adam van Düren 2004 years

Today, Adam van Düren is 2004 years old

A. M. Ramasamy 2004 years

Today, A. M. Ramasamy is 2004 years old

Schwickart the Younger of Sickingen 2004 years

Today, Schwickart the Younger of Sickingen is 2004 years old

Sapana Pradhan Malla 2004 years

Today, Sapana Pradhan Malla is 2004 years old

Samuel of Waldebba 0 years

Today, Samuel of Waldebba is 0 years old

Salam Bappu 0 years

Today, Salam Bappu is 0 years old

Saint Potenciana 0 years

Today, Saint Potenciana is 0 years old

Chie Shinohara 0 years

Today, Chie Shinohara is 0 years old

Chelsea Eze 0 years

Today, Chelsea Eze is 0 years old

Lodewyk van Berken 2004 years

Today, Lodewyk van Berken is 2004 years old

Amit Bagaria 0 years

Today, Amit Bagaria is 0 years old

Ambrož Hradecký 2004 years

Today, Ambrož Hradecký is 2004 years old

Joaquín Mariano Sucunza 2004 years

Today, Joaquín Mariano Sucunza is 2004 years old

João de Santarém 2004 years

Today, João de Santarém is 2004 years old

Jehan Adam 2004 years

Today, Jehan Adam is 2004 years old