Today's Birthdays March 21


John Mordaunt 2nd Baron Mordaunt 510 years

Today, John Mordaunt 2nd Baron Mordaunt is 510 years old

Cristofano Gherardi 509 years

Today, Cristofano Gherardi is 509 years old

Cornelis Massijs 510 years

Today, Cornelis Massijs is 510 years old

William Webbe (by 1508–c. 1547) 510 years

Today, William Webbe (by 1508–c. 1547) is 510 years old

William Rastell 510 years

Today, William Rastell is 510 years old

William Dunch (1508–1597) 510 years

Today, William Dunch (1508–1597) is 510 years old

Abdurashid Khan 510 years

Today, Abdurashid Khan is 510 years old

Christophe de Thou 510 years

Today, Christophe de Thou is 510 years old

Charles Wriothesley 509 years

Today, Charles Wriothesley is 509 years old

Humayun 510 years

Today, Humayun is 510 years old

Hugh Jones (bishop) 510 years

Today, Hugh Jones (bishop) is 510 years old

Nikola Šubić Zrinski 510 years

Today, Nikola Šubić Zrinski is 510 years old

Francisco de Aguirre (conquistador) 510 years

Today, Francisco de Aguirre (conquistador) is 510 years old

Francisco Pacheco de Toledo 510 years

Today, Francisco Pacheco de Toledo is 510 years old

Francisco Mendoza de Bobadilla 509 years

Today, Francisco Mendoza de Bobadilla is 509 years old

Francis Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg 509 years

Today, Francis Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg is 509 years old

François Connan 510 years

Today, François Connan is 510 years old

Lodovico Dolce 510 years

Today, Lodovico Dolce is 510 years old

Livio Agresti 510 years

Today, Livio Agresti is 510 years old

Andrea Palladio 509 years

Today, Andrea Palladio is 509 years old

Jean Daurat 509 years

Today, Jean Daurat is 509 years old

Vincenzo Ruffo 510 years

Today, Vincenzo Ruffo is 510 years old

Bhusana Dvija 510 years

Today, Bhusana Dvija is 510 years old