Today's Birthdays January 18


William Parr 1st Marquess of Northampton 504 years

Today, William Parr 1st Marquess of Northampton is 504 years old

Catherine of Saxe-Lauenburg 504 years

Today, Catherine of Saxe-Lauenburg is 504 years old

Abel Foullon 505 years

Today, Abel Foullon is 505 years old

Abe Motozane 505 years

Today, Abe Motozane is 505 years old

Sagara Haruhiro 505 years

Today, Sagara Haruhiro is 505 years old

Christoph von der Schulenburg 505 years

Today, Christoph von der Schulenburg is 505 years old

Imagawa Ujiteru 505 years

Today, Imagawa Ujiteru is 505 years old

Hugh Cholmondeley (soldier) 505 years

Today, Hugh Cholmondeley (soldier) is 505 years old

Hiraoka Fusazane 505 years

Today, Hiraoka Fusazane is 505 years old

Niels Hemmingsen 505 years

Today, Niels Hemmingsen is 505 years old

Francisco de Salinas 505 years

Today, Francisco de Salinas is 505 years old

Louis Duke of Montpensier 504 years

Today, Louis Duke of Montpensier is 504 years old

Lorenzo Strozzi 504 years

Today, Lorenzo Strozzi is 504 years old

Andrés de la Tovilla 505 years

Today, Andrés de la Tovilla is 505 years old

Jiva Goswami 0 years

Today, Jiva Goswami is 0 years old

Giulia Gonzaga 505 years

Today, Giulia Gonzaga is 505 years old

Giacomo Antonio Cortuso 505 years

Today, Giacomo Antonio Cortuso is 505 years old

George Cassander 505 years

Today, George Cassander is 505 years old

George Blount (died 1581) 505 years

Today, George Blount (died 1581) is 505 years old

Tachibana Dōsetsu 504 years

Today, Tachibana Dōsetsu is 504 years old

Robert Granjon 505 years

Today, Robert Granjon is 505 years old

Richard Lee (engineer) 505 years

Today, Richard Lee (engineer) is 505 years old

Richard Cheyney 505 years

Today, Richard Cheyney is 505 years old